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BSIP: scientific and medical picture agency


Science and medicine photos and illustrations



BSIP relates the adventure of life through fabulous images : the inventive complexity and vitality of the human body, its strenghts and weaknesses, the human dimension of relations between health care professionals and the patients, as well as the invaluable resources of medical research.

For a few years, the agency BSIP, well known for its medical and scientific photos and illustrations, enlarges its competences and collections of images, to all the fields of science! Photo essays, scientific and medical imagery, health, animals, plants and environment… All those themes that you will search for are on


Nature and animals photos and illustrations



Nature and animals are now at your disposal on our website. You will find latin names and species of the plants and animals as well as their taxonomy. For the animals, you will find information such as the age, the attitude, the behavior and the place of the shot etc. Scientific and rigourous captionning enables you to access the images you are searching for, with the insurance to hold a controlled and accurate information.


Environment photos and illustrations



In a time of worldwide awareness on the necessity to preserve the natural resources, we dedicate ourselves to environmental and ecological issues. Deterioration of the natural environment, global warming, natural catastrophes, treatment of wastes, renewable energies etc… At the scale of the individual or populations, we deliver photographies witnessing the state of earth.


Travel at the heart of life with BSIP !


Technology photos and illustration
Today, the weight of a digital file is of at least 25 Mo, with 3630 x 2420 pixels in 330 dpi. Many files are available in VHR (very high resolution) upon request.

– File in RGB colors, in high-quality JPEG format 
– Adobe 1998 ICC color profile 

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