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Biobanks : collections of human biological material

Reportage dans une banque de tissus et de cellules de l'établissement Français du sang (EFS). La banque a pour mission d'assurer l'autosuffisance de la France en produits cellulaires et tissulaires. La banque s'occupe de la préparation, la conservation et la distribution des produits du corps humain. Les tissus sont prélevés sur des donneurs et sont acheminés à la biobanque. Ils sont préparés dans des zones à atmosphère contrôlée, puis stockés en congélateurs ou cuves d'azote. Greffon osseux viro-inactivé.

Reportage in a tissue and cell bank belonging to the EFS (French Blood Establishment). The bank’s mission is to ensure self-sufficiency in cell and tissue products. The bank prepares, conserves and distributes human body products. Tissue is taken from donors and sent to the biobank. It is prepared in areas with a controlled atmosphere, then stored in freezers or liquid nitrogen containers. ©Amélie Benoist/BSIP

The da Vinci robot ®

Reportage au bloc opératoire lors d'une hystérectomie avec le robot da Vinci®. Retrait du robot à la fin de l'opération.

Reportage by Amélie Benoist in an operating theatre during a hysterectomy using the da Vinci robot®. The da Vinci System enables the doctor to perform a minimally invasive surgery with enhanced vision, precision, dexterity and control.
While sitting at the ergonomic console, the surgeon controls the system, which translates his hand movements into smaller, more precise movements of tiny instruments inside the patient’s body.

The benefits of baby massage

Today, many studies show the benefits of massage and good influence on the development and overall health of babies and young children. Amélie Benoist, photographer, followed two groups of mothers who are trained in massage techniques with a professional to promote the bond with their child and provide them welfare.

A bilingual Montessori school


Reportage in a bilingual Montessori school in Haute-Savoie, France, which caters for children from 2 to 6 years old. The 2-6-year olds are all in the same class to encourage socialisation : the older ones look after the younger ones, which boosts self-confidence in the older ones and increases motivation to work in the younger ones. Montessori education psychology used in the school aims to develop the autonomy, desire and curiosity of the child. “Every useless help given to the child becomes an obstacle to its development ” said Maria Montessori. The children have specific materials available, each can choose the exercise they wish to carry out.
In this exercise, the child must transfer water from one bowl to another using a sponge.

Mountain Rescue. The ski patrol team.


Amelie Benoist’s reportage takes us to the heart of a ski patrol team based in Avoriaz in Haute-Savoie, France.
The team are responsible for marking out the ski slopes, providing first aid to skiers, evacuations on the slopes and off piste and controlled avalanches.

Reportage in a primary school in Cerny, France. Year 5, year 6 multi-level class.


Everywhere in the world, education is a major issue. In France we are about to change the organization of the school year from September 2013. Our photographer Amélie Benoist has taken some great pictures of children learning to read and write in classroom to illustrate this issue.


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Seniors, do sport! © Amelie Benoist




Our photographer, Amelie Benoîst, witnesses sports in retirement houses. What is good for young people is good too for retired people !

Even if you start practising in old age, you will benefit from sports:
it’s good for the cardiorespiratory system and helps fighting obesity;
it’s good for the musculoskeletal system, maintaining the balance and feeling of the body in space like fall prevention
it’s good for the nervous system like the maintenance of vigilance
Psyche receive good also from sports: good quality sleep, less anxiety and depression, greater confidence in one ability.
And last but not least, reduce isolation. Want to make sure? just have a look on the smiling face of these people.


Obesity Center © Amelie Benoist



Reportage in the Obesity Clinic (IPCO) in Mulhouse, France.


Snoezelen & Alzheimer © Amelie Benoist




Reportage in a snoezelen room in Liège.

This multi-sensorial environment, which is both soothing and stimulating, allows people with Alzheimer’s, who, despite their disease, maintain a sensorial memory, to lower their anxiety levels. These rooms are as beneficial to the patients as to the medical staff, allowing a privileged relationship to be established between the two, and setting up means of communication other than speech.
This room is equipped with a liquid oil disc lamp that has a relaxing, and even hypnotic effect, and a water bed heated to 37°c that plays music.


With a country doctor © Amelie Benoist




Follow Doctor Thérou, a country doctor in Picardie, France.


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