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vendredi 22 mars 2013

New productions


With about 1000 new images each month, our in-house productions specialized in Health and Medicine comprise of all the main issues you could look for. Medical examination, child’s health, pain and its treatments, parenthood, relationship with family and friends but also with the medical professionals, small diseases and serious ones, you will find all about health on our website.


mardi 19 mars 2013

Explore our new collection of anatomical illustrations!


Have a look on our new collection of anatomical illustrations, designed by Caroline Arquevaux, a young medical and scientific illustrator, who has studied at the famous école Estienne in Paris. The collection is now composed of 300 drawings about different systems: brain, respiratory system, cardio-vascular system, thorax, digestive system, but also cancer, asthma, ischemic stroke etc. New drawings will be aded regularly to this collection in aiming to offer you a complete collection of Royalty Free anatomical illustrations.


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lundi 18 mars 2013

New images on the food scandals


Our photographers have worked on food scandals in the headlines. Discover their conceptual images to illustrate the scandal of horsemeat in beef preparations. And also find many other images on various health issues such as organic eggs contaminated by dioxin or fishes contaminated with antibiotics etc.


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jeudi 20 décembre 2012

Teddy bear hospital © Amelie Benoist




The Teddy Bear Hospital is a public health action implemented by the medical students from all over France, for children of high Kindergarten and First grade of schooling.

This initiative lets children discover the world of health in a fun and educational, the aim being to dedramatize what they or their loved ones can live another day. A visit to the Teddy Bear Hospital is a full-fledged school trip, during which each child takes his teddy patient in the hospital for treatment.

On this occasion, the child visits the various services of the Hospital of Teddy, as the necessary care and meet the different health professionals, played by students of courses health. General practitioners, specialists, midwives, anesthetists, surgeons, dentists meet present …


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jeudi 20 décembre 2012

Treatment of Parkinson’s disease © Frederik Astier




Photo essay at the Regional University Hospital of Lille, Salengro Hospital, department of neurosurg Treatment of Parkinson’s disease by bilateral thalamic stimulation.

The patient is awake. A neurophysiologist uses five test probes so as to stimulate the targeted area (subtalamic region) until the obtention of an optimum neural signal. The latter will be chosen for the implantation of the definitive electrode. A neurologist physically stimulates the patient in parallel so as to precise the physical benefits of this signal. It is an electrical stimulation undertaken through an electrode placed at the level of a thalamic nucleus, the Ventral Intermediate Nucleus (VIM). This electrode is set up surgically, thanks to a nanopositioning system, after neuroradiological spotting, undertaken under 3D MRI, and neurophysiological by detection and recording of cellular activities. The electrode is linked to a programmable subcutaneous stimulator. The intervention can be bilateral. A quadripolar electrode, proposed after the initial notice of the CEDIT(Comitee for Evaluation and Diffusion of Innovative Technologies), has rapidly imposed to different teams using this technique ; the evacuation protocole has been amended accordingly.


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mercredi 19 décembre 2012

Biology center at CHU of Rouen © Jean-Paul Chassenet




This business includes all biology labs and functional exploration of the hospital.
Indeed, it is the largest biomedical center in the region. At the forefront of technological innovation, more than 2.5 million laboratory tests are conducted annually within the cluster.
The report was made ​​in the molecular biology services, hematology, bacteriology and biochemistry. We will see many laboratory techniques such as electrophoresis, chromatography, spectrometry, flow cytometry, antibiograms, identification of bacteria, etc …


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