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Snoezelen & Alzheimer © Amelie Benoist




Reportage in a snoezelen room in Liège.

This multi-sensorial environment, which is both soothing and stimulating, allows people with Alzheimer’s, who, despite their disease, maintain a sensorial memory, to lower their anxiety levels. These rooms are as beneficial to the patients as to the medical staff, allowing a privileged relationship to be established between the two, and setting up means of communication other than speech.
This room is equipped with a liquid oil disc lamp that has a relaxing, and even hypnotic effect, and a water bed heated to 37°c that plays music.


With a country doctor © Amelie Benoist




Follow Doctor Thérou, a country doctor in Picardie, France.


Teddy bear hospital © Amelie Benoist




The Teddy Bear Hospital is a public health action implemented by the medical students from all over France, for children of high Kindergarten and First grade of schooling.

This initiative lets children discover the world of health in a fun and educational, the aim being to dedramatize what they or their loved ones can live another day. A visit to the Teddy Bear Hospital is a full-fledged school trip, during which each child takes his teddy patient in the hospital for treatment.

On this occasion, the child visits the various services of the Hospital of Teddy, as the necessary care and meet the different health professionals, played by students of courses health. General practitioners, specialists, midwives, anesthetists, surgeons, dentists meet present …


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Autism © Amelie Benoist



Reportage of Amélie Benoist on a medical-educational institute that serves children with autism.


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