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The image in the field of Medicine


 BSIP,  a stock photography agency specialized in medicine and health, has been circulating images -several hundred thousand in all – for more than twenty years. These are produced by photographers and illustrators specialized in the fields of medicine, health and science.


BSIP also represents a number of photo libraries of worldwide renown devoted to science and medicine, such as Phototake, Photo Researchers, Medicimage, CMSP, the Wellcome Trust Medical, Science Photo Library, and so on.


There are several types of scientific and medical images:

– Feature stories shot by specialized photographers in hospitals, health centers, doctors’ offices, on general practitioners or specialists, paramedical professionals, and others.

– Imaging produced by all the most recent techniques, in their original form or colorized for educational purposes, dealing with anatomy, pathological conditions, etc.

– 2D and 3D medical illustrations, showing the principles and functioning of anatomy, the main pathological conditions and every biological phenomenon related to the human body.




Medical feature stories cover all sorts of subjects, but focus mostly on the latest advances in treating diseases, the most recent surgical techniques, medical examinations, care for patients during hospitalization, the everyday life of the hospital team, the patients’ standpoint, how they are attended by the medical team – doctors, nurses, nurses’ aides, radiologists, surgeons, anesthetists, medical students – with stories observing and documenting life’s major events, step by step, including birth, illness, hospitalization, rehabilitation, and more generally, everything pertaining to health. Features by the BSIP agency photographers are accurate reports on the reality they observe, with detailed legends often accompanied by texts that give a better understanding of the subject. Strict indexing makes it easy to find all those pictures on our site.


Medical imaging

Medical imaging designates man-made pictures produced by an examination aimed at revealing the anatomy, physiology or metabolism of the human body. It gives information about a pathology, a state of health at a given time (during pregnancy, ultrasonography informs us on how fetal formation is progressing and its viability, for instance), or how an organ is functioning. The information produced by medical imaging is used for diagnostic purposes. The images are produced and reproduced through physical phenomena such as the absorption of X-rays during radiography and scanning; nuclear magnetic resonance for the MRI (magnetic resonance imaging); gamma rays for scintiscanning or positron emission tomography (PET); ultrasound wave reflection for ultrasonography. There are also optical imaging techniques for which no physical emission is required, such as endoscopy and microscopy (scanning electron microscopy – SEM – and transmission electron microscopy – TEM). Computer techniques such as artificial colorizing, or the virtual reconstitution of organs for some examinations such as 3D scanning, aim at making information easier to assimilate. The detailed legends for the medical imaging available on our site have been validated by scientific researchers.


Medical illustrations

The medical illustrations found on our site have been designed by medical and scientific illustrators from the best art schools, whose talent and sense of observation enable them to translate into images the incredible complexity of the human body, with its anatomy and pathologies, and also of pathogens and how they function, thus facilitating their comprehension.

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